Noble World offers hosts of extra-curricular activities to primary and elementary students in before and after-school program. Participation in the program is optional.

These classes will be available subject to a minimum of six students for each class. They will be held in the school so that the children do not have to leave campus. There will not be after school charges should your child(ren) stay only for these classes.

There are additional fees for these specialty classes and advance sign-up is required for these classes to be materialized. Students who need to stay beyond 4:00 p.m. go to extended care program.

These programs are a critical component of our Montessori approach and it is more than just a way to expand energy. Cooking allows children to put their math and measuring skills to work in a delicious manner while Martial arts allows children to develop self-esteem, confidence, concentration, courage and self-control.

Foreign Languages

Monday – Thursday (8:25am – 8:55am)
Spanish, German, French, and Chinese classes are available.
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Tuesdays (3:00 – 4:00pm)
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Mondays (3:00 – 4:00pm)
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Martial Arts

Thursdays (3:05 – 3:40pm)
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Wednesdays (3:00 – 4:00pm)
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