Summer Day Camp

Noble World Montessori School has designed a special summer program based on Montessori ideals and principles for children ages 15 months – 12 years old. Our summer camp program is designed to nurture curiosity, creativity, and imagination and is a great way to experience a taste of Montessori education over the summer, to transition new students entering our program in the fall, or to introduce young children to their first camp experience.

Our unique and flexible program offers:

We provide all campers a continuity of Montessori fundamentals practiced in our toddler, primary and elementary programs - respect for self, others, and the environment. Our campers are enchanted by story tellers, and other special events we bring to the program throughout the summer.

If you are interested in registering for the Noble World Summer Camp Program, or would like additional information, please contact the office via e-mail or call 770-509-1775 or to request a registration form.

We look forward to welcoming your child to our family at Noble World Montessori Summer Camp!


Program Description (3-12 year olds)

This class is designed to introduce students to a variety of art experiences through the use of paint, crayons, markers, colored pencils and more. Students will learn how to use line, different shapes, texture, overlap, pattern and repetition in their own artwork. The first lesson will focus on line. Each lesson will build upon previously introduced art vocabulary and concepts.

COOKING ($20 supply fee required):
This class is designed to introduce students to healthy eating habits, kitchen hygiene and utensil skills. Students will learn the food groups and will be able to prepare simple snacks, and a variety of dishes. They will also be allowed to use and help with age appropriate utensils.

An atmosphere of love and respect for plants and animals in the home and classroom is the best foundation for a lifetime of comfort and interest in nature. This begins in the home as the child absorbs the family's attitude toward vegetables, flowers, gardens, house plants, weeds, and trees.

This camp is designed to introduce the students to the world around them. They will be introduced to earth formation, layers of the earth, rocks and minerals.

This camp is designed to introduce students to the array of beautiful objects from nature. This will include, flower arranging, pressing flowers, identifying and classifying parts of the plant. It will also include hands on gardening skills outside in our butterfly garden and herb garden.

This camp is designed to show students the wonderful world of animals. Students will learn the similarities and differences of the animal kingdom. They will be introduced to observing animals (birds, insects and arachnids etc...) and how they help us.


Tuition and More Information

The Noble World Montessori Summer Camp Program offers ten (10) consecutive one-week sessions with options of half day (9:00 – Noon), full day (9:00 – 3:00) and all day (8:00 – 6:00) from 1st week after Memorial weekend for Ten (10) consecutive weeks.

Early Bird (8:00 - 9:00am) and Late Stay (3:00 - 6:00pm) are also available for campers of all ages.

The cost for Half Day Program will be $145.00 per week, the Full Day Program will be $185.00 per week, and all day Program will be $235.00 per week. The cost of Early Bird and Late Stay program is $5.00/day and $15.00/day respectively. Payment for each session is due before or on the first day of the session. A non-refundable registration fee of $50.00 is required to hold your child’s space and must be received Mid April. A 5% discount would be applied to tuition should your child be in all ten(10) sessions.

Campers should bring a lunch and drink each day. Healthy snacks are provided. Comfortable clothes and sneakers are appropriate dress for camp activities.

The full tuition shall be deemed fully earned as of the first day of each session. No deductions, rebates, or waivers will be made for dismissal, absence, illness, holidays, or withdrawal.