The Four Planes of Development

The four Planes (or phases) of development is an overall vision of Montessori's developmental psychology from infancy to adulthood. Her vision of the whole of development provides a holistic view of the developing human being and explains the constant Montessori idea of the importance of education as a "help to life".
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The Toddler Program

Children join the Toddler community who are comfortably walking, about 15-18 months of age, in a small group of 7-12 children, where basic motor coordination, independence and acquisition of language along with social and emotional development are fostered.

The Toddler Community provides a nurturing environment under the guidance of trained and certified Montessori teacher in early childhood development.
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The Primary Program

Also known as Children's House, the Primary level is a multiage of children from 2 1/2 to six years old who live and learn together in a prepared environment that offers choices of individual activities that aid the child's work of "self construction." The Montessori guide cultivates in children the ability to choose freely, to sustain focused and concentrated attention, to think clearly and constructively, and to express themselves through language and arts. Through active development of will and satisfaction of their authentic needs, children become self-disciplined and socially cohesive.
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The Elementary Program

Maria Montessori called her plan for the elementary child the "Cosmic Curriculum." "Cosmic" in this context means comprehensive, holistic, and purposeful. The goals of Cosmic Education go far beyond the usual goals of skill development and knowledge acquisition to address the development of the whole person.
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